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Detailed below are some of the great projects listed in the Guide and the Online Database.

The Online Database allows you to search for projects by GEOGRAPHICAL AREA, SPECIES, PROJECT DURATION and COST. The list of projects according to your selection will appear in the format below (this list is just an example).

1. Volunteers for a Wildlife Recovery Centre

RIAS is looking for volunteers to help in the daily tasks of a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, in the Algarve, Portugal.
Volunteers will stay 8 weeks and they can choose to work in specific tasks related to: Veterinary/ Biology, Design and Marketing, Informatics or Environmental Education.

2. Tolga Bat Hospital, Australia

We work mainly with Spectacled flying foxes and their habitat, but are also involved in education and research. Volunteers are especially welcome October to February when up to 500 orphan come into care, a result of tick paralysis in the mothers. We have excellent facilities for the rehabilitation of microbats and megabats.

3. Irish Seal Sanctuary, Ireland

The Irish Seal Sanctuary is Irelands only full-time, 24 hour, wildlife rescue - rehabilitation facility. It provides a service for the entire country and is sustained entirely by voluntary effort and in field conditions. The Sanctuary currently deals with more than 1,000 telephone calls per year reporting injured or distressed seals.

4. Ringing scheme and monitoring bird migration in Antikythera island

The island is characterised by an important flow of migratory birds in spring and autumn, including a major migration route of raptors and by the presence of one of the largest colonies of Eleonoras Falcon in the world. The focus of this observatory is the study of migration of smaller birds, by mist-netting and ringing, monitoring of raptor migration, training ringers and studying and safeguarding the falcon colony.

5. Rainfer-Primates Rescue & Conservation Center- Spain

Conservation and rehabilitation of primates that come from confiscations of the illegal market, circus and abandonments in Spain, allowing short term volunteers (1 month to 3 months) and long term volunteers (3 months to 1 year)

6. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Phuket, Thailand

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP) has been rescuing and rehabilitating white handed gibbons from the pet trade and tourist entertainment industry in Thailand since 1992. In the past ten years GRP has successfully reintroduced families of gibbons into the wild and re-established a independent, breeding, wild population on Phuket.

7. Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary - England

Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary is home to a group of woolly monkeys, rescued capuchins and Barbary macaques. We promote the welfare and conservation of primates and habitats worldwide, educate our visitors on conservation, sustainability and the suffering caused by the exotic pet trade and campaign to make the trade illegal in the UK.