In the Green Volunteers Database you can find:

105 projects in Africa

87 projects in Europe

69 projects in Central America

65 projects in South America

50 projects in South-East Asia

37 projects in North America

30 projects in Caribbean

...and much more


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Se hai domande per quanto riguarda un progetto, il database o la guida, si prega di leggere prima le nostre FAQs.

Organizzazioni che vogliono presentare un progetto possono trovare qui le istruzioni: Come Sottoporre un Progetto.

Per altre informazioni su l'ordinazione, accedendo al database, presentazione di progetti, o qualsiasi altri problemi, contattateci via email: green@greenvolunteers.com

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Chi Siamo?

Fabio Ausenda

Born in New York in 1957, Fabio earned an MS in Natural Resources from Cornell University and has worked as a protected areas planner for international organizations. In 1989 he founded Europe Conservation, a non-profit organization specialized in sending volunteers to small conservation projects in developing countries. In 1996 he realized there was a lack of communication between hundreds of small conservation projects and thousands of prospective volunteers. So, before the Internet, he published the first edition of Green Volunteers: The World Guide to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation, now known as "The Bible of Conservation Volunteering". His expertise in international volunteering allow him to co-edit other volunteering guides, such as World Volunteers and Archaeo-Volunteers. The Green Volunteers Online Database is the natural evolution of the printed guide.

Erin McCloskey

From Edmonton, Canada, Erin obtained a degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Alberta. She has worked with several environmental and wildlife conservation organisations, co-edited many editions of the Green Volunteers Guide and is Editor of the Archeo-Volunteers Guide. She is a travel journalist, an editor and author of several field guides, natural history books and other titles from around the world. Since 2000, Erin has lived in Italy, California and is currently living in New Zealand, working as a guide and nature interpreter. Erin continues to visit and evaluate volunteering projecsts worldwide.

Fiona Coleman

English born Fiona moved to Greece in 2009 after completing a B.Eng degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. From 2003, she travelled and volunteered at various conservation projects around the world before becoming involved in the administration side of the projects. Fiona lives in Sardinia, Italy and manages the Green Volunteers online database.