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Spectacled Bear Conservation in Peru

Jack, United Kingdom

I spent a month with Robyn Appleton and the SBC team and could not have asked for a more valuable experience. Having recently finished my undergraduate degree in conservation biology I was looking to gain some experience working in the field. While at SBC I gained experience in the field, researching the elusive spectacled bear. It was great to be part of a project where my donations and time were very much appreciated and went straight into conserving an animal that is highly at risk from habitat loss. The project ticked all the boxes in terms of what I was looking for. Every week I went camping in a different field site. While in the field we carried out a number of valuable tasks for the conservation of the bear including changing and monitoring camera traps, surveying signs of bear activity and collecting valuable data from bear dens. Walking the bear trails in order to collect data was very physically challenging but I never returned from the field unsatisfied. Not many people in the world have seen a wild spectacled bear let alone three on three different occasions. On one of the camping trips we collected behavioral observations of a spectacled bear from 10 meters, while hidden in a hide. This was an absolutely priceless experience. On days when I was not in the field I had the opportunity to analyze camera trap photos of spectacled bear, ocelot, puma and many other species. The accommodation at the conservation centre was excellent . While at the centre I felt like one of the family and am looking forward to my next visit.

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