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Organisations listed: 347

Projects listed: 476

Latest Project Entered: 20 May 2018


In the Green Volunteers Database you can find:

95 projects in Africa

80 projects in Europe

64 projects in Central America

63 projects in South America

50 projects in South-East Asia

37 projects in North America

30 projects in Caribbean

...and much more

Latest Project Entered:

20 May 2018

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The Green Volunteers Database lists 476 projects in the five continents to work year round.

List of current projects by species:

193 projects on Various Species

174 projects on Trees/Vegetation

162 projects on Birds

129 projects on Other Terrestrial Mammals

102 projects on Amphibian/Reptiles

100 projects on Primates

96 projects on Seaturtles

76 projects on Felines (Large Cats)

75 projects on Whales/Dolphins

50 projects on Bats

48 projects on Coral Reefs

45 projects on African Herbivores

39 projects on Wolves/Wild dogs/Canids

36 projects on Diving Project

34 projects on Sharks

25 projects on Seals/Seaotters/Manatees

24 projects on x WorldVolunteers

23 projects on Bears

6 projects on x ArcheoVolunteers